Making smoothies with Cocinare + Recipe

Something about the end of winter when you start to wish for spring’s gentle motivation & warmth makes me lose my appetite. Being a busy breastfeeding mother who needs to stay nourished and energized throughout the day, I’ve found that adding a smoothie to my daily routine helps keep me feeling good.

The Cocinare is a great personal-sized, portable, & BPA-free (shout out to my health-conscious cuties out there) blender to get you going on your yummy smoothies! I tend to skip breakfast and then realize I’m starving but then I am fatigued & grouchy but drinking a smoothie gets my metabolism going and provides my body with key nutrients that get my day started on a nourished note.

As you prepare your smoothie, tell yourself the positive affirmations you would like to take with you for the day, and focus on taking intentional, deep breaths. Life can feel so hectic but I do believe that when we center ourselves into presence, life feels more joyous and juicy! Cocinare has designed their helpful little blender to be easy to clean so rinse that thing out right away so you don’t have to worry about dishes later! #selfcare