If your apartment has no ceiling lights, this dimmable lamp is the perfect substitute

Apartment living comes with its fair share of setbacks. Generally speaking, most renters have to compromise on one or more apartment features in order to stay within their budget, and one of the most common is missing ceiling lights or overhead lighting.

While flicking a light switch to turn on the lights is something that most folks consider a need, it actually isn’t — and TikTokers found a way to prove this. There’s a sky lamp on Amazon that’s going viral right now on TikTok that fully substitutes ceiling lighting, and it’s so powerful that it easily lights up an entire room.


This dimmable modern sky lamp is super sleek and minimal while remaining extremely powerful and intense when needed. It comes with a remote control and has four color temperatures ranging from daylight to warm.

TikTok user @artsialexi, who has no ceiling lights in her apartment, is so impressed with this lamp that she had to share it with her followers.

“This is my savior,” she said in the video while showing how well it works. “I have one of these in every room because obviously there’s no lights and I need to see.”


She went on to rave about how well it works and its slim profile, which makes it perfect for small apartments.

“It’s not bulky. It’s so modern,” she added before gushing about the remote. “The best part is there’s different settings. There’s breastfeed mode, night mode, coffee, reading, and then you can just turn it off. You don’t have to get out of bed to turn your lights off!”

Amazon reviewers fully agree with her assessment, with one saying it’s easy to assemble and actually lights up an entire room.

“This lamp actually lights up my whole living room,” the five-star reviewer wrote. “The best part is I was able to assemble it myself.”