NOLO Unveils Two Game-changing VR Headset Models- HMD That Wears Like Glasses, 6DoF VR Headset With Hand and Finger Tracking

Every CES for the last 10+ years, incremental innovations have been announced in the VR world, but still, major hurdles stood in the way of explosive growth - access, comfort, and control. However, this year at CES, NOLO, a leading innovator of augmented and virtual reality systems, today revealed new ultra-compact VR headsets, and hands-free, finger-ring-style microcontrollers that provide a VR experience that is as comfortable and natural feeling as it is breathtaking.

"VR can revolutionize the way we work, play, travel, communicate and so much more, but the industry continues to see slower-than-expected adoption for one simple reason - today's heavy and bulky systems aren't comfortable enough for extended periods of use,"said Sea Chen, global sales director, at NOLO. "This year at CES, we're focused on one thing, showing the world that VR can actually be a comfortable, natural-feeling experience."

Introducing NOLO VR GLASS

NOLO VR GLASS is an uncompromisingly lightweight VR headset that's worn like regular glasses. With no embedded battery, processing, and storage, NOLO VR GLASS is powered and driven by a connected Android smartphone. NOLO VR GLASS is compatible with mainstream android mobile phones, and is promoted to cooperation with telecom operators like China Mobile.



Though compact, this new system sets a new bar for mobile content consumption and gameplay, and provides boundless visuals comparable to being in front of a 1,000-inch 4K+ Ultra HD display with a high refresh rate. With a pixel density of 1,512 PPI and a 92-degree field of view, visuals are incredibly natural, with absolutely zero screen door effect and seemingly endless peripheral vision for a variety of content. Audio is excellent too, with speakers integrated into the temples, sound-phase elimination for privacy, and excellent binaural sound performance.



Another game-changing feature of the NOLO VR GLASS is its intuitive touch control on the headset's temples and its 3-degree-of-freedom (3DoF) finger-ring controllers. Designed to keep users' hands free, these minimally invasive controllers provide a seamless way of interacting with VR content and support hands tracking and interaction.

NOLO VR GLASS will be available in February 2023.


NOLO SONIC 2 - 6DoF VR Headset

Another uniquely thin and lightweight addition to NOLO's line of VR headsets is the new NOLO SONIC 2 - a self-developed product with self-relied intellectual property by NOLO. It allows a full range of customization services from positioning algorithm, system, UI to appearance.

At first glance, this headset follows the design queues of traditional VR systems, with a few very distinct differences - an extremely streamlined profile, an ultra-comfortable headband, and an industry-exclusive sub-screen on the back of the headband that can be used to show charge level, time remaining, game highlights and more.



While thinner and lighter than other all-in-one VR headsets, the NOLO SONIC 2 packs everything users need for a solid VR experience. It features high-density LCD screens capable of a max resolution of 3664 x 1920 and max frame rate of 120Hz, and a wide 92-degree field of view. With an integrated spatial audio system and triple-mic setup with noise reduction rounding out the user experience, NOLO SONIC 2 VR headsets provide an unparalleled level of immersion.



NOLO SONIC 2 also features new control technologies, including gesture tracking that emulates the sense of bare-hand operation, 5-finger-touch control, and a newly developed low-latency 6DoF algorithm that provides incredibly accurate positioning.

NOLO SONIC 2 will be available in February 2023.



Both NOLO VR GLASS and NOLO SONIC 2 VR headset will be on display at CES 2023. Media interested in experiencing these new VR HMDs are encouraged to visit their booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall, booth 9272.

About NOLO:

Founded in 2015, NOLO is focused on research and development, production, and sale of innovative XR technology solutions. The company's name is derived from the four middle letters of "TECHNOLOGY," representing its mission "Technology as the Core." The company has been awarded more than 200 technology-related patents from twelve countries.

NOLO is one of the world's leading technology enterprises, with fully systematic and independent intellectual property rights for its self-developed positioning solutions StarTraq™, SodarTraq® and PolarTraq®. It has delivered groundbreaking technologies in the areas of 6DoF mini-controller solutions, hands recognition and tracking, and micro facial movement tracking. The company's innovative products include the 6DoF VR headset, 6DoF XR interactive set, XR acceleration router, and 3DoF interactive kit, delivering a fully immersive VR experience on a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

NOLO has obtained strategic investments from both China Mobile Capital and NIO Capital. As the only VR hardware company strategically invested by China Mobile Capital, NOLO provides a series of services for China Mobile's Cloud VR strategic business such as "end-to-cloud rendering platform development, underlying technology standards development, content ecosystem construction and hardware products customization".