The World’s Most Universal Lamp – OUTON S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp

The world has a lot to offer, and like many, you enjoy a variety of hobbies and activities – a lot of which can be appreciated from the convenience of your home.

Oftentimes, people feel they have to go into different rooms to enjoy different activities because the atmosphere just doesn’t feel right or it’s too bright or too dark in that room. But what if there was a way to capture every mood with a single decor piece?

Thankfully, OUTON, an innovator in the smart home space that combines technology and home decor, has recently unveiled its latest product at CES 2023 – the S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp, which is perfect for setting the mood or creating the right ambiance for any activity within the house.

S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp design

The lamp is designed with the look of a traditional lamp with a modern aesthetic that features a uniquely integrated 16-million color enhanced RBGICWW lighting strip built into the lamp’s pole to perfectly blend in with every room – no matter the color of the paint on the walls or the furniture that surrounds it.

Its sleek black exterior provides a universal aesthetic that can be admired by everyone, while those with children or pets can admire its sturdy base.

S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp features

OUTON’s newest lamp has a lot to offer, so let’s dig into some of its best features. First, the lighting strip built into the pole has 16 million different colors you can choose from. That’s 16 million colors to seamlessly switch to when the night calls for staying in and watching a movie, reading a book, or having a full-on dance party! And with music-sync capabilities, you can make sure the party never stops.



The S1 is truly a lamp made for modern times because it comes with both a remote and a mobile app to control it. The remote can be used from 30 feet away and controls basic features such as dimming, brightness, and other settings, while the mobile app allows you to gain more control with features such as a self-timer, on/off scheduling, and custom scenes that can put on a light show for your friends.

Furthermore, if your hands are tied up at the moment – the S1 lamp can be controlled through Alexa and Google Home for an even more seamless experience.

And if you ever want the brightness of a traditional lamp, the S1 offers an uplight with 3000 lumens of brightness and lighting temperatures of 2700K – 6500K.




The S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp by OUTON is a chameleon of fun. Whether you’re enjoying a home cooked meal or playing video games – the S1 can support your lifestyle and hobbies.

The OUTON S1 hit the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo on January 10, 2023, with Super Early Bird pricing set at $89. MSRP will be $139 per unit.