Brass Brush,Soft Brass Bristle Wire Brush,Wire Scratch Brush with 10" Beechwood Handle

Style: 1-Pack
Sale price$7.99


  • Slag Brush Material: soft crimped brass bristles brass brush, ,Ideal for cleaning or surface texturing on soft metals
  • Beautiful naturally beech wood handle, Smooth finish provides excellent and durable in hand comfort. 5 rows 20 columns brass bristles wire brush
  • Welding Brush Dimensions: 10"L x 1"W x 1"H. Fine Kraft paper packaging box for convenient storage
  • Wire brush applies to: Wire brushes help to remove the welding slag, rust, paint stains, Clean steel parts, machinery, unfinished metal parts, special corrosion without damaging the surface or fine features
  • It is great for metal parts,cleaning Jewelry, grill and grates,Works great for cleaning 3d printer nozzles, Doesn't scratch into the metal and leaves a high polish , it is gentle enough not to ruin the finishes


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