Buydeem CD1008 Portable Glass Tea Bottle with Infuser, 400ML

Style: Malachite
Sale price$29.99


Controlled Brewing Time

This bottle is expertly designed so that you can control the brewing time of your tea. When turned upside down the water and tea blend have contact for steeping. When upright, the water and tea separate. To use, it is as easy as turning the bottle.

Innovative Tea Basket

Inside the lid of this stunning tea brewing bottle, a completely detachable tea basket is housed. With a simple rotation the particle leak-proof basket is in your hand. This makes filling the tea effortless. It is also a wonderful feature to make cleaning simple.

Thickened Silicone Bottom

At the bottom of this bottle you will see a protective outer cover. Intended to help improve your grip while operating and caring, this unique silicone sleeve also keeps your hand from burning when touching the hot bottle and will not make noise when placed on a table or desk.


When you want to bring your favorite tea with you, simply boil water, fill the tea basket, fill the bottle with water, tighten the lid, and flip. The tea will brew in under 5 minutes. Then you can use the foldable handle to safely carry the bottle into the car, office, while shopping, and more.

Premium Quality Materials

This bottle is made with PP plastic, 304 stainless steel, High borosilicate glass, and thickened non-slip silicone. All of the materials are FDA certified to ensure food safety and high durability.

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