Cat Brush for Shedding, Pet Grooming Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats & Dogs, Cat Deshedding Brush Easily Removes Tangles Hair and Loose Undercoat, Mats Tangled Hair Shedding Brush (Yellow)

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  • Perfect Pet Brush: This Dog Grooming Brush 136° curved needle design can easily remove loose hair on the pet's baody, suitable for short hair long hair cat/dog/rabbit. Keep your pets clean and reduce the trouble caused by cat hair loss.
  • Safe Pet Brush: This Cat Brush for shedding Dense 144 steel needle design, each has a resin protection point, combing just like SPA, will not hurt pet fragile skin, regular combing can stimulate pet skin blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, is conducive to fur renewal.
  • Easy To Clean: One-Click Cleaning Button design for cat hair brush, just press the button to remove pet hair, The more the amount of hair, the easier it is to clean up.
  • Easy to Hold: The cat deshedding brush is ABS made of environment-friendly ABS material, and the handle is comfortable to hold. You will not feel sore when combing several cats at once, which brings you and your pet a better experience. Very easy to carry and durable. Suitable for women with nail art.
  • Thanks for choosing us: Every product in our store is certified safe and provided with 1-year warranty. We also provide professional pre-sales and after-sales service for you. Any questions, please feel free to contact us. We promise you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.


Why Combing Your Loved Pet Often?

1. Reduce your pet's chances of getting sick: Cats licking their own bodies will eat these shed hairs into the gut to form hairballs, affecting digestion and excretion, causing vomiting, constipation and other conditions, frequent combing can will reduce the occurrence of this situation.

2. Reduce the amount of hair loss: frequent combing, shedding of dead hair will be combed down with the comb, and will not fall all over the room with the activities of the pet.

3. Prevent tangled hair: Especially for long-haired cats, frequent uncombed hair can lead to tangled, knotted and felted hair, and regular combing will eliminate this phenomenon.

4. Timely detection of trauma and skin diseases: In the process of combing, the owner can find out if there are trauma and skin problems on the cat in time to get the best treatment time.

5. Promote blood circulation: In the process of combing for cats, the comb needle repeatedly massages the pet's skin, which can promote blood circulation, increase skin resistance and eliminate physical fatigue of the pet.

6. Make your pet more beautiful: frequent combing of the hair stimulates the hair follicles to ensure better hair quality and quantity for your pet, making your pet's coat smooth and shiny.

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