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  • PRECISE & MEASURED POURING - The carefully-designed electric gooseneck kettles spout enables precise and smooth water pouring.
  • TEMP AJUST KNOB WITH DISPLAY - When extracting coffee, there is a close relationship between "extraction time", "extraction temperature", and "amount of water added" as factors that change the taste. Temperature can be adjusted from 38 to 100 degrees Celsius (100 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) in 1 degree increments, and the real-time temperature is accurately displayed.
  • BUILT-IN TIMER - In addition, the drip timer function of up to 5 minutes supports the optimum extraction time, allowing you to delicately and accurately extract the desired flavor of coffee at the optimum temperature at the optimum time.
  • UTMOST AND THOUGHTFUL SAFETY - The handle on FLOW has an integrated design to prevent burns from the heat of the main body when gripping the kettle (even when boiling, the temperature is kept at about 140°F. The lid is designed at an angle so that steam does not hit the hand from the steam port so that it can be used for dripping with your hand on the lid.
  • QUICK HEATING - Cocinare FLOW dopts a safe heating technology of 1200W that can boil a cup of water in about 70 seconds.

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