HiPee Smart Health Pill Box

Style: White
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Basic parameters

Brand Name: HiPee Smart Pill Box
Product model: Moonlight White
Product weight: 70g
Product size: 130mm*45mm*30mm
Bluetooth standard: BLE4.0
Support terminal: Android / IOS

Hi Pee intelligent health pill case

Charging your health, intelligent reminder, scan the code, add medicine | Family care, small and portable

Your "health Power Bank" takes the exhortation of love with you

My mother's high blood pressure can't be broken every day, and she always worries that she didn't take it on time. I bought calcium tablets for my child, and my grandparents always don't remember to give it to TA. Take folic acid for pregnancy, but forget when busy with work;

Glucosamine, Omega-3 fish oil... I bought a lot of health care products, and I can't remember to eat them. With Hi Pee smart pill box, from now on, don't forget and feel at ease;

The triple reminder of hearing, visual and tactile is only a warning "Don't forget to eat on time"

Set up a medication plan through the mobile phone. When the time comes, the ring LED breathing light flashes with a lively green soft light. "Didi" reminding tone at the same time, your WeChat will also receive a reminder, triple reminder no longer has to worry about forgetting. After the missed time of taking the medicine, there will be 2 repeated reminders to remind the user to take it on time.

  • Breathing Light reminder
  • Voice Reminder
  • WeChat reminder

The compartment reminds caution light to light up and tell you which kind to eat

Each warehouse has an independent LED light. As soon as the taking time arrives, the corresponding warehouse will turn on the green color light to remind you that it is it. Don't bother to remember what time to eat, don't worry about eating wrong.

WeChat sweep sweep plan 3 seconds set

The doctor prescribed a lot of medicine, the variety of usage and dosage, really can't re-member. There are many small words in the manual, so  have to read it for half a day evetime. Scan code to add medicine function, scan the barcode on the medicine box to quickly add the taking plan, a few times a day, before or after a meal, at a glance.

  • 30,000-piece drug storage
  • Scan code to add drugs
  • Attentions

Discard the instruction manual, get key information at a glance

Highlight key information, usage and dosage, precautions, adverse reactions, side effects, medication taboos, etc. are clearly visible and can be checked at any time, and there is no need to look for the medicine box every time to read the instructions.

*Software services are completed through WeChat applet.

Make love never end

Parents and children taking records synchronization family

Medication records are stored in the cloud, and you can know the progress of your family's medication through WeChat. Whether parents and children eat on time and what they eat will shorten the distance of love by sending care and reminders in time. The form of the complaint is pushed to you.

The more urgent you are, the more you can't find, the fast positioning pill box. There is no trouble.

Often intermittent "Amnesia" is always not found when needed. Mobile phone
One-click search, say goodbye to the trouble of rummaging through the boxes and looking for things.

Palm-sized size portable large-capacity medicine bin can hold 80 capsules

Intelligent pill box minimalist design, round and small hand control. Large-capacity medicine warehouse, can hold at least 80 ordinary capsules. Bluetooth LE, power saving optimization, travel, travel also don't have to worry about the pill box "strike" to protect every journey for you.

  • 70g Pill Case weight
  • 1 Grain Button Battery

*Ordinary capsules are about 0.3g capsules, and the actual number depends on the type of drug.

US FDA certified materials are as safe and healthy as baby pacifiers

The use of C CBM biodegradable materials, environmental protection, health, noodor, no bisphenol A, no invisible harm to the human body. The structure of themedicine box is well sealed, and the storage of the medicine is safe and reliable.
The inner box is made of FDA certified material, number: No. CAN EC 1808777701 degradable certificate number: 7P0698

  • FDA certification
  • Bisphenol A- free
  • Baby nipple material
  • Environmentally friendly material

Double-layer protection of internal small cover to prevent cross-contamination of mixed drugs

The integrated design of the inner box shell makes the upper and lower opening and closing edges closely fit to ensure safe and reliable drug storage. The internal small cover is convenient for the classification and storage of medicines.

  • Moisture-proof and light-proof
  • Double layer protection

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