HUTT C6 Robot Window Cleaners

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About this item

  • 【Water Spray Function with 80ML Water Tank】: During cleaning, the window cleaning robot will spray water evenly every 5 seconds without leaving water stains. Filled with water, the window robot electric can clean a large area of 70-80㎡.
  • 【3800Pa Strong Suction】: automatic window cleaning robot automatically detects the degree of dirt and adjusts the suction power accordingly. When cleaning the dirty glass, the suction power increases for a better cleaning effect.
  • 【Dry and wet mopping Mode】Choose non-spray cleaning mode and spray cleaning mode via remote control to meet different needs, such as dining tables, windows, bathroom mirrors, doors, wardrobes.. ❤We recommend using dry mopping mode first and then wet mopping mode to ensure the best cleaning effect❤
  • 【 Mops Twist strongly, Wipe Away Dirts】: two microfiber mops attached to the bottom rotate continuously and push in turn the dirt towards the central intake hood. Just need to thrown the microfiber mops in the washing machine.
  • 【Safety Protection】: in the event of an unexpected power failure, the window robot suck firmly on the window for 20 to 30 minutes and constantly output alarm. You can also connect a 5M professional climbing safety rope to the robot to avoid accidents
  • The electric window cleaner robotic is recommended for daily maintenance. If the window has not been cleaned for a long time, please clean it manually before using the automatic window cleaner robot.

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