LuBlueLu 008 Rechargeable Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With 5-Layer HEPA Filtration

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15,000 Pa Ultra Powerful Suction

The exceptional 15,000 Pa suction power makes dust and dirt nowhere to hide. This cordless vacuum.

2 adjustable suction modes enable you to clean just every surface. The maximum mode is designed for deep cleaning and removing stubborn and embedded dirt or dust. The minimum suction mode is customized for routine cleaning.

Filter & Trap 99.99% of Particles

The 5-layer HEPA filtration traps up to 99.99% of dust, mites and particles and keeps them from leaking into the air. Your home remains dust-free as it should be.

Removable Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery offers up to 40 minutes of runtime without frequent recharging. The rechargeable cordless design means 100% wire free and worry free.

Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be Annoying

The Lubluelu 008 vacuum turns home cleaning into wandering – no cabling, no wiring, no troubling. All you need to do is pushing it on the floor and all dirt is just removed. It only produces 65 dB (normal conversion), without annoying noise.

Up or Down, Stand or Sit Down

The telescopic design enables you to adjust the length of the vacuum cleaner, fitting different height or reaching different areas. You can even just sit down and suck the dust easily.

See EVERYTHING Clearly in the Dark

The wide-angle brush with the built-in LEDs, illuminates every dark corner, enabling you to clean “blind spots” easily. This battery-operated vacuum cleaner never leaves dust behind.

NO Touch Bin Emptying

No need to touch the dirt. Just press the button to release it. The “point and shoot” design provides easy and quick cleaning.

One Vacuum, All Surfaces Cleaned

The wire-free vacuum cleaner is designed for all surfaces, regardless carpet, leather or cloth sofa, wooden, tile and marble floors.

All in One, Limitless Possibilities

The vacuum cleaner easily transforms from a stick vacuum to a handheld or high-reach vacuum, ensuring easy cleaning throughout your home. Versatile tools provide various cleaning needs, be it floor, fragile surface, crevice, high places or nook cleaning.


Product Name 008
Packing Size 17 X 13 X 7 in
Weight 1.3 kg

Input: 100-240 V

Output: 26.5 V/0.55 A

Rated Power 165 W
Suction 15 kPa/9 kPa
Process Time

Up to 20 mins (Max. Suction Mode)

Up to 40 mins (Min. Suction Mode)

Volume 0.8 L

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