LuBlueLu 202 Rechargeable Self-Standing Upright 100% Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Self-Standing, No Drilling, No Cabling

The best wire-free vacuum cleaner can stand on the floor by itself – no drilling, no wiring, no troubling – that’s what a 100% cordless vacuum cleaner it should be.

25,000 Pa Powerful Suction

25,000 Pa, 110,000 rpm and 235 W suction power allows this portable cordless vacuum to clean every space instantly and thoroughly. Clean your home within just minutes, easily and effortlessly.

3 Flexible Power Modes

3 power modes enable flexible cleaning at your wish. Suction modes I & II are ideal for routine cleaning. Suction mode III (maximum mode) is suitable for removing stubborn and embedded dirt or dust.

Advanced 4-Layer HEPA Filtration

Lubluelu’s fully-sealed, 4-layer HEPA filtration traps 99.99% of ultrafine particles, dust, hair with maximum efficiency. Expel only non-allergenic and true fresh air with no leakage of fine dusts.

1 Vacuum, All Surfaces Cleaned

Be it carpets, leather or cloth sofas, wood, tile, marble or stone tile surfaces, this cordless vacuum effectively picks up all fine dusts and large debris while protecting the floor scratching.

Versatile Tools for Every Cleaning Need

One cordless vacuum comes with multiple tools and is telescopic, so that you can clean every corner and every room easily, from floor, fragile surface, crevice cleaning to high places or nook cleaning, from bedroom, living room, to kitchen or basement.

All Dirt Removed in 1 Second

One vacuum is designed for cleaning all dirt, regardless hair, flour, coffee beans, dusts, and other ultrafine particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Rechargeable Batteries for Extended Runtime

Detachable batteries offer up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, so you can clean your whole home with one charge, no frequent & troublesome recharging hassles.

“Point & Shoot” Dustbin Cleaning

Simply detach and empty the dustbin at once without cleaning the dirt by yourself. The large 0.6 L bin is engineered for whole-home, deep cleaning and pet messes. So you can clean for longer before emptying.

See Every Dark Corner

The LED lights in the brush head illuminate dark areas, under your sofa or table, helping you clean the hidden dust at every dark corner.


Product Name 202
Packing Size 17 X 13 X 7 in
Weight 1.3 kg

Input: 100-240 V

Output: 31 V/0.5 A

Rated Power 235 W
Suction 25 kPa/17 kPa/10 kPa
Process Time

Up to 18 mins (Max. Suction Mode)

Up to 50 mins (Min. Suction Mode)

Volume 0.6 L

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