Maestri House Detachable Milk Frother MMF9304

Style: Moonlight White
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Maestri House™ milk frother is the first milk frother in the world that can adjust the temperature and thickness of the milk foam to make different kinds of coffee you like (such as cappuccino, latte, Mocha and more).

Features at a Glance:

✔  Adjustable Temperature & Froth thickness 
  21OZ/600ML Extra Large Capacity
✔  Exceptional Touch Button Control
✔  Ingenious and High-end Design
✔  Effortless Cleanup

Variable Temperature Settings at your coffee preference

There are variable temperature settings: Ordinary Temp / 120°F / 140°F / 160°F. Offers customizable temperature settings to achieve their perfect cup of coffee every time.

A Variety of Milk Foam Thickness Choices

This milk frother allows control for different types of milk froth. Low / Medium / High froth thickness. Offers customizable milk froth thickness options to achieve the perfect texture for a variety of beverages

Dishwasher Safe

Hate doing chores? Cleaning is extremely easy with Maestri House. Built of durable 304 stainless steel, the entire 304 stainless steel milk jug is dishwasher safe. Simply place the milk jug, jug lid, measuring cap and frothing whisk set in the dishwasher (top shelf only).

Huge Capacity

Max level at 600ml/21oz, equivalent to 6 cups of lattes. The milk jug is marked with a minimum liquid level, maximum frothing scale, and maximum heating scale. Offers larger than most milk frothers, allowing you to prepare multiple frothy drinks at once.

Smart Memory Function

Each button and function icon has a LED indicator light to indicate the working status. It has 3 function buttons, [Temperature Settings], [Power Switch], and [Froth Thickness]. In addition, there is a memory function that takes a record of your previous temperature & frother settings.

Overheat Protection

For your safety, the frother is designed to prevent overheating. Once the operating temperature exceeds the control range, the overheating protection will be activated and automatically shut down its operation.

What's in the package?
MMF9304 Milk Frother-Maestri Moonlight White*1
User Pamphlet*1
Sponge Brush*1
Frothing whisk * 1

We have prepared a few tips to optimize your product experience, hope the following information will be helpful to you!

For better result

1. Use fresh refrigerated whole milk (fat>3%) for better froth richness.
Non-dairy milk does not produce as much froth as dairy milk.

2. Always use cold(about 39-43F/4-6℃) and fresh milk.

3. Do not fill exceeding the MAX mark

4. Pour the frothed milk as soon as possible for the best foam quality.
Frothed milk should not be reheated to prevent the overheat protection from activating.

If there is anything else, please feel free to contact us at

For frothing non-dairy milk

1. we recommend using barista types of milk over plant milk for richer milk foam.
Plant-based milk generally does not foam as well as whole dairy milk, the froth result can not be guaranteed.

2. Generally, the foam is richer if there's a higher concentration of protein, the froth thickness goes down like this:
Soy milk> Almond milk>Coconut milk>Rice milk >Cashew milk >Oat milk.

For effective heating

We recommend not to use the machine consecutively without letting it cool down in between.
Once the operating temperature exceeds the control range, the overheat protection will be activated and automatically shut down any operation until it is adequately cooled.


Max level for heating: 21oz / 600ml
Maximum Volume for Milk Foam: 10.5oz / 300ml
Minimum Volume for Milk Foam: 3.5oz / 150ml
Color: Moonlight White
Package Dimensions: 8.7*6.7*6.7 inches
Item Weight: 3.5 pounds
Voltage: 120V 60Hz
Power: 550W
Manufacturer: Maestri House™

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