Syncwire Magta - A Modular Wireless & Wired Charging Solution

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Style: Magta S1 Charging Station
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The world's first all-in-one magnetic modular charging station.

The SYNCWIRE Magta is an innovative charging station, designed to help users organize & fast-charge all their devices at the same time. It comes with four magnetic wireless charging modules that can be stacked, switched & detached. Brings conveniences and fun on top of charging.

Enjoy the night view with this night light module. The module can be used with the USB charger base combinedly or work independently. It has 7 modes, which are Warm White, Snow White, Cotton Candy, Ice Blue, Sunset, Aurora and Rainbow. The last 5 modes can be dynamic to dance with music, creating a magic atmosphere of light. Use this night light module to illuminate your room, adding a sporty, romantic and artistic atmosphere to your house. You can even stick it on your fridge or any iron surface!

4 different modules

Any combination.

Powerful enough

8 devices charge up at the same time.

Just snap it on

Magnetic modules made charge easy.

More space for neat

Compact vertical station right on your desk.

Also a phone stand

0° to 75° adjustable angle & multifunction.

Take it and go

Wireless power bank always on the line.

Light up your mood

Portable, magnetic, music sync.

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