Amplify Your Dog or Cat Voice with the GULGULI Pet Robot

Let’s admit it. We all have a dog or cat voice that we love to use with our little furry friends. You might change your voice to a high pitch when your cat comes in the room or start talking like a baby when your little doggie comes by. That’s because we all love to connect with our pets and we all try to be the best pet owner possible – after all, we want our little friends to be happy, because that makes us happy!

Well now you can take your sweet pet voice to the next level – and extend it across time and space.

GULIGULI – a brand that develops state of the art smart pet products for home use – has their Smart Pet Companion Robot that is really changing the game of how pet owners can interact with, play with, and really take care of their pet to be the best pet mom or pet dad you can be.

Let’s take an in depth look at some of the ways the Pet robot can transform your pet parenting:

So the Pet Robot functions as an all-in-one pet monitor, pet toy, remote entertainment system, and even feeding system. With a secure mobile app developed by GULIGULI, you can interact with your pet in a variety of ways. The main way is through the movable 1080P Full HD camera that let’s you view your pet through the moveable robot as you are moving throughout space, so you can be away from home and still able to connect with your little doggie or kitten. The camera also has night vision so you can see in the dark. As we mentioned the unit is moveable – you control it from the GULIGULI phone app so you can be anywhere – at work or even away on vacation and check in on and play with your cat or dog. The sturdy big wheels will travel over debris and obstacles in your space – carpets, inclines, etc. The interactive smart tech tool also has a mobile treat dispenser – which let’s you release snacks to your pets at any time with 12 canisters. To engage one-on-one with dogs and cats, a red dot laser emits from the pet robot so you can entertain your kitten for hours of exercise – for dogs you can also follow them around and get them curious as the device moves through space. It also features a two-way audio channel where you can not only speak with and interact with the device, but you can speak to your pets as well. This makes talking to pets left at home alone just a simple click away.



Talk to Me – Hands Down Our Favorite Feature

And this is what blew us away. Yes, you heard us right. Let’s talk more about the two way audio and some fun ways that you can use it. So to clarify – with the two way audio through the app you can both talk to and listen to your pet from anywhere. Think of the implications! Here’s a few things that we tried. Throughout the day, your dog can get lonely, just sitting around and waiting for you to come home every day. So sad right. Well through the monitor, you can see what’s going on with them, and we like to give them a big “Hey buddy!” or call out their name. This often time wakes them up and they get very excited – and their brains starts working to figure out where the sound is coming from. In other words, it’s very stimulating for them. You can also listen for when they call back, maybe they will bark or meow. Another fun thing is to listen for the sound of them playing. You can also make other noises to confuse them – maybe pretend to be a dog or a cat, and then watch them try to figure it out. Or of, course, you could also just tell them how much you love them. They will love you for it.

I know – now you’ll never get any work done. But at least your pet will happy and healthy!