GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot Offers Exceptional High Def Camera

We all love our pets. They are on the whole exceptional creatures. But did you ever want to keep tabs on your pets? And get a glimpse into their secret lives? Well, the GULIGULI – a brand that designs a suite of smart pet products lets you do just that.

The GULIGULI Smart Pet Companion Robot is a futuristic pet toy for your cats and dogs that hosts a range of features. It functions as a pet monitor, a pet feeder, and an entertainment system for your pets all rolled into one.



Let’s see what it can do:

Some of the Key Features

The Pet Robot first of all is moveable – you control it from the GULIGULI phone app so you can be anywhere – at work or even away on vacation and check in on and play with your cat or dog. The interactive smart tech tool also has a mobile treat dispenser and movable 1080P Full HD camera. With A secure mobile app makes talking to pets left at home alone just a simple click away. To engage one-on-one with dogs and cats, a red dot laser and its moveable robot technology makes exercising and engaging animals left at home both simple and fun – think: you can chase around your dog and intrigue your cat, getting them off their feet and interested in engaging with the robot. It also features a two-way audio channel where you can not only speak with and interact with the device, but you can speak to your pets as well.

A Closer Look – The GULIGULI Pet Robot Camera

By far one of the most impressive features of this smart pet robot is the incredibly powerful camera.

Firstly, let’s just say, the GULIGULI Companion Pet Robot is way beyond your typical pet monitor.

The camera has a 1080P resolution – giving you a crisp, clear view at all times. It even includes night vision functionality – so you can see around even in dark areas under your home – under furniture, when you shut off the lights, and even at night. The camera on the robot also has a built-in bright floodlight – so even in extremely dark environments, it can display very clear images and night vision up to 10m – enough for even quite large living spaces.



Most importantly, we recommend that you use it to check on your pets well-being. We know that when pets left alone for a long time will experience separation anxiety and put simply, they miss you when you’re away. With the high-def camera you can check up on your pet’s well-being throughout the day to make sure it’s okay. You can also check on any health or medical regimens that you have for your pets – new medications, new habits, new training routines. Perhaps you’re trying to keep your cat from scratching your favorite couch for instance. Well, the powerful camera lets you check in throughout the day to keep an eye on your little furry buddy.