Lose Yourself In Light – The Outon S1 Smart Torchiere Lamp

With 4 weeks left of winter, we’re in the home stretch. Why not brighten up the last of these darker days with something fun and energy saving? Outon has released a smart torchiere floor lamp that really delivers.

Shopping for the perfect light can easily get overwhelming for customers with lots of technical jargon and confusing acronyms. One of the exciting features is that the Outon S1 includes RBGICWW LED technology. So what does that mean? Let’s take a deeper look.



RGBWW stands for the standard Red + Green + Blue and adds in the capacity for White + Warm White. The LED strip uses a 5-in-1 LED chip with red, green, blue, white, and warm white for color mixing. The Outon S1 RGB light strip with extra warm white allows it to create more of a softer yellow-white – making it absolutely perfect for adding flair to a cozy space like a bedroom.

So what is IC then? It stands for “Independent Chip. “ This gives the Outon S1 over 16 million color options and allows it to create rainbow-like lighting effects, giving you the full range of light and transitions between lighting modes.

Accent All Your Many Moods

Now that we’ve shed some light on all of the technical language, let’s talk about what the Outon S1 can do. A huge strength of this lamp is that it gives you a range of lighting options to accent any space. So here are some suggestions based on our personal use of the lamp. Early in the day you can set it to a bright and inspiring yellow combination. Use this to set your goals for the day, take a breather, and have your favorite morning breakfast and coffee combo. During your work hours, we recommend a light green combination to keep you productive and enhance your work flow throughout the day – speed through your computer work and concentrate on what you need to get done. Mid-day, why not have a dance break to get your blood flowing? Set it to the “music mode”, and it will course through a variety of colors to spice up your favorite Zumba or salsa playlist and give you that boost of motivation. When the work day is done, how about a deep blue to help you settle in the restful time of day – unwind with a glass of wine as you celebrate the day and enjoy all you’ve accomplished. With 16 million color options, and all the transitions in-between, the choices are literally endless. Of course, don’t wait till spring to get lit up.