Immersive and AI-powered lighting shine at CES 2023

Advancements in immersive lighting technology lit up the CES 2023 consumer technology show this month, with innovative companies from around the world showcasing the latest in smart home technology solutions. Lighting as entertainment, making home entertainment more immersive than ever before, was a major theme at the consumer technology conference. Artificial intelligence (AI) powered lighting applications, as well as sustainable lighting solutions, were also well received by event attendees.



At CES 2023, the global LED light manufacturer and research and development leader Outon debuted its latest advanced lighting technology designed to take home entertainment to the next level. The Outon S1, Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp offers a more eco-friendly and fully customizable lighting solution to deliver more immersive home entertainment experiences. It features an eye opening 16 million different color combinations along a slim, well designed vertical light column. The latest technology from Outon also features hands-free controls, auto scheduling, and energy savings tools – transforming home lighting into smart home entertainment this year.

“A technology trend to watch in 2023 is the desire to create immersive entertainment experiences at home – whether it is going to the movie theater, advanced gaming, or health and wellness activities – from yoga to home gym technology,” said Albert Lin, CMO, Outon. “The Outon S1 delivers on this trend – from turning your living from a cool, blue-toned space for yoga and reflection into a dazzling rainbow of colors that pulse along with the music.”

Its bright white LED powered light can be adjusted down from 3,000 lumen of brightness for everyday use. The S1’s custom, dynamic color combinations auto sync with the home’s entertainment system – delivering expansive music, video gaming, and movie watching experiences and a fluid change between them. The Outon S1’s Music Mode auto syncs the lighting option of your choice and uses adjustable audio interaction sensitivity to create the mood you desire. Watching movies and playing games at home are now more intense and interactive than ever before.



What makes it a huge leap forward is how simple the technology now is to integrate with smart home hubs and home lighting solutions. Optimized for simple sync with smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the S1 gives homeowners the ability to dramatically change their room’s ambiance, turn the lights down before starting a movie, or sync the lights with their entertainment of choice without getting off the couch.

The Outon S1’s built-in timer makes scheduling and improving energy savings simple and more effective as well. Combined with the latest in hands-free technology and sustainable home lighting solutions, the Outon S1 takes home entertainment to the next level – with tools simple enough for anyone to add to their home. Both hands-free audio voice commands and improved compatibility with residential lighting solutions make the new Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp a significant improvement in smart home lighting and a simple addition to any home.