Latest smart home security tech debuts at CES 2023

Reporters attending CES 2023 in Las Vegas had their first look at what’s trending this year in smart home technology. Smart home security devices and collaborative technologies led the pack, with companies from around the world descending in the desert to showcase their latest products. One thing is clear, savvy consumers are ready to take their smart home technology to the next level, and innovative entrepreneurs and global brands are looking to make home security tech-forward in 2023.

One of the global brands offering smart home security solutions at CES 2023 was SECURAM. The company’s intelligent light switches, smart home security technology, and mobile-friendly door locks all work together to deliver seamless home security options that make people’s lives simpler. For example, SECURAM’s user-friendly mobile app makes the integration of multiple devices seamless, and delivers real-time home security monitoring for homeowners anywhere, anytime. Whether you are on a trip, at the office, or just around the block – SECURAM makes it easy to check in at home, and let someone in remotely.

One product debuting at CES 2023 was the SECURAM Smart Wi-Fi Switches. It combines a variety of unique features such as lighting control, Wi-Fi-based on/off switching, Alexa and Google Home voice control, dimming capabilities such as ambient light sensing, and laser-based motion detection. When homeowners combine it with the SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock and smart siren as a scene, they get the full smart home security experience controlled in one mobile app. SECURAM’s door locks offer fingerprint and code access, mobile app controls, and date-based access features, as well as Alexa and Google Home voice control, giving homeowners multiple security and smart home features in one.

At CES 2023, the newest in smart home security made its big debut. Among the products showcased were a facial recognition door lock, an advanced motion detector with auto alert capabilities, and a continually updating home monitoring system. The unique features of these devices allow users to virtually monitor their residence from any location and have unprecedented control over who can enter their home. Promising to be the future of personal security video surveillance systems, these smart devices are sure to revolutionize the way homes are secured in the future.

“We believe home security should be simple, seamless, and secure,” said Chunlei Zhou, CEO, SECURAM. “More than 3 million customers trust SECURAM, and we’re excited to bring our 30 years of experience in corporate security to the home security market, delivering user-friendly smart home security solutions that give homeowners peace of mind.”

SECURAM has been a leader in commercial security solutions since 1991. The company developed one of the first connected safe lock systems managed from a smartphone app, the precursor to today’s smart locks. At CES 2023 SECURAM announced home security solutions that deliver protection for every room, powered by the latest smart lighting technology. Advanced laser and light motion detection in the SECURAM Wi-Fi Security Switch can distinguish between a person and a pet. The device’s smart mode combines user-selected rules triggered by motion and light sensor technology. Like the company’s other smart home devices, its seamless integration makes improving home security quick and easy.

The Latest in Home Security Technology Was on Display at CES 2023, and It’s Sure to Give Burglars a Run for Their Money

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2023, the latest in home security technology was on display, and it looks like burglars won’t know what hit them. The newest offerings include an innovative thermal scan and facial recognition feature that detects movement and matches faces to personal databases even in the dark. For those willing to spend a little extra, a defense feature was added that uses sensors to detect motion or sound through walls and set off auditory or visual alarms instantly. CES 2023 is sure to give peace of mind to those who are concerned about their home security – safer homes mean safer communities!

For all the latest in smart home security technology, you’ll want to check out CES 2023. This year’s show is packed with new products and features that will make your home safer than ever before. From motion sensor cameras to doorbells that integrate with your security system, there are plenty of new ways to keep an eye on your property. And if you’re looking for a more proactive approach to security, there are also plenty of new products that can help you deter burglars and intruders before they even have a chance to break in. So whatever your needs, be sure to check out the latest offerings from CES 2023 – you might just find the perfect solution for keeping your home safe and secure.