NOLO Reveals New VR Glass During CES 2023

NOLO decided to reveal its own VR device during CES 2023 this past weekend as the team showed off its new VR Glass unit. This particular unit has been designed to be a lightweight VR headset designed to be like regular glasses with no embedded battery, processing, or storage. The unit is powered by a connected Android smartphone, compatible with mainstream Android mobile phones, and is currently being promoted to work with telecom operators like China Mobile. We got more info from the company on the device below.

"Though compact, this new system sets a new bar for mobile content consumption and gameplay, and provides boundless visuals comparable to being in front of a 1,000-inch 4K+ Ultra HD display with a high refresh rate. With a pixel density of 1,512 PPI and a 92-degree field of view, visuals are incredibly natural, with absolutely zero screen door effect and seemingly endless peripheral vision for a variety of content. Audio is excellent too, with speakers integrated into the temples, sound-phase elimination for privacy, and excellent binaural sound performance. Another game-changing feature of the NOLO VR GLASS is its intuitive touch control on the headset's temples and its 3-degree-of-freedom (3DoF) finger-ring controllers. Designed to keep users' hands-free, these minimally invasive controllers provide a seamless way of interacting with VR content and support hands tracking and interaction."

"Another uniquely thin and lightweight addition to NOLO's line of VR headsets is the new NOLO SONIC 2 – a self-developed product with self-relied intellectual property by NOLO. It allows a full range of customization services from positioning algorithm, system, UI to appearance. At first glance, this headset follows the design queues of traditional VR systems, with a few very distinct differences – an extremely streamlined profile, an ultra-comfortable headband, and an industry-exclusive sub-screen on the back of the headband that can be used to show charge level, time remaining, game highlights and more. While thinner and lighter than other all-in-one VR headsets, the NOLO SONIC 2 packs everything users need for a solid VR experience. It features high-density LCD screens capable of a max resolution of 3664 x 1920 and max frame rate of 120Hz, and a wide 92-degree field of view. With an integrated spatial audio system and triple-mic setup with noise reduction rounding out the user experience, NOLO SONIC 2 VR headsets provide an unparalleled level of immersion."