Securam jumps into the in-wall smart light switch market at CES

Best known for building smart entry locks, Securam announced at CES that it’s entering the smart lighting space with a new line of in-wall smart lighting controls, Wi-Fi-based on/off switches and dimmers with features such as ambient light sensing and laser-based motion detection.

Securam says its laser motion detector triggers fewer false positives than the more common passive infrared motion detection that’s based on temperature differentials.

Being Wi-Fi connected (2.4GHz only), users will be able to operate Securam’s new smart lighting devices on a schedule or control them inside the house or from anywhere they have broadband access. The switches and dimmers will also work in conjunction with the company’s other products—including its smart locks and smart siren—so that you can arm/disarm the siren or unlock the door to trigger a scene that turns on lights to illuminate your way into your home.

The products are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control your lighting with voice commands.

The Securam model SH-SS01 is a three-button (on, off, scene on/off) switch, the SH-SS02 is a paddle-style on/off switch, and the SH-SD01 is a three-button dimmer. All three devices have with a built-in motion sensor and a nightlight. Each is compatible with 3-way installations where a second or more switches in another part of the room can control the same load.

Using the Secruam Guard app, you can program schedules—including a sunrise/sunset mode—to have lights turn on and off automatically. There’s also an Away mode that will randomly turn lights on and off to make it look as though your home is occupied while you’re away.