Outon Launches Next-Gen Lighting In S1: The Ultimate Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

Outon, global industry leaders for stylish and innovative lighting solutions, announces the next generation of its best-selling model. The state-of-the-art Outon S1 weaves the increasing demand for home personalization and passion for sustainability together with multi-function technology and wireless capabilities built around bettering the environment together in one. Outon’s newest iteration of the smart torchiere floor lamp doubles as traditional room lighting and a cutting-edge color control system to the global home design market.

Room atmosphere- or ‘mood lighting’ has become a hot-button topic in home design, but many such products are bulky or otherwise draw more attention than its design components. The Outon S1 is a sleek statement piece capable of uniquely lighting a room.

The Outon S1 uses RBGICWW technology to display up to 16 million total colors and warm/cool whites while delivering up to 3000 lumens of brightness. The lights are easily controlled by preference of preset modes or choice of dimmable levels to easily suit the needs of anyone while reading, working, or relaxing. All color settings can be stored which makes quick work of future set-up and further customization.



Outon makes accessorizing your space’s light possible with smart technology built in. The S1 features voice controls, allowing anyone to change the colors and effects of the lamp using Alexa or Google Assistant. Let the Outon S1 set the mood for your perfect party or exciting occasion with its ‘Music Mode’- use immersive lighting to sync your music, movies, and games to the S1’s lighting effects.

Convenience meets eco-conscious in the Outon S1’s Timer & Schedule feature. Set your lamp to dim or power on and off throughout the day by using the provided remote, Smart Life app, or voice technology. The energy-saving LED bulbs combined with a 50000+ hour service life make a perfect addition to any home, office, or photoshoot. Make the most of your home experience with the Outon S1’s integrated IFTTT.

The Outon S1 will be available in April, 2023.