Outon S1 Smart Torchiere Floor Lamp with a RGBICWW Light Tube

Hello World! Welcome Friends! This all-in-one floor lamp combines the benefits of a traditional uplight with an RGB light column, making it ideal for any living space. Standing at 1800mm tall with 3000 lumens of brightness, the Outon S1’s simple and elegant design will fit beautifully into your bedroom, office, or living room. No matter where you choose to place this lamp, you can be rest assured that its easily configurable settings will make it the perfect fit.



With 16 million different color options to choose from in our easy-to-use app, any space can be enhanced at your command. Your customizing options aren’t just limited to the light column; you can also fully adjust the color temperature and brightness of the uplight. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, no matter the mood.

The Outon app can also be used to create entertaining lighting effects. Select one of 14 pre-made options, or create your own for a totally unique lighting experience. This feature is guaranteed to get any party started!



If apps aren’t your thing, the Outon S1 comes with an IR remote for full control. Adjust brightness, color light, scene mode, and more all at one convenient place.

Turn up the intensity of your favorite media with the Outon S1’s music mode. This feature allows you to sync your S1’s light column to any music, movie, or video game, pulsing along to the beat of whatever you’re enjoying. Plus, you can adjust the light’s sensitivity to create a fully-customizable experience.

Want to doze off to soft lighting without worrying about leaving your lamp on all night? The Outon S1 app includes a built-in timer that automatically shuts off or turns on your favorite light settings. This means you can be lulled to sleep and gently awoken without lifting a finger.



The Outon S1 can also be paired with your smart assistant and be controlled using your voice. This is ideal for those moments where you don’t want to use your phone, such as gaming or bedtime. Compatible with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Looking to reduce your energy emissions? The Outon S1 uses energy-saving LED lights with a service life of 50,000+ hours, meaning you’ll get room-filling brightness without the hefty electric bill.

Make The World Colorful with Outon S1.