SECURAM Unveils Advanced Smart Wall Switches for Home Security at CES

SECURAM, a leader in innovative security solutions for over 30 years, today announced a new line of security-focused smart wall switches. SECURAM wall switches build on the convenience and customizability of traditional smart wall switches, but add a variety of robust convenience and security features and integrations that make them ideal for fortifying the home.

Starting at just $19.95, the new SECURAM line of smart wall switches come in three configurations, all of which feature an integrated laser-based motion detection sensor, ambient light sensor, night light, and backlit buttons.

SECURAM Smart Security Switch Options:
  • SECURAM WIFI Smart Switch SH-SS01: Non-Dimming, Wi-Fi
  • SECURAM WIFI Security Switch SH-SS02: Non-Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor
  • SECURAM WIFI Security Switch SH-SD01: Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor
Powerful Motion Detection

SECURAM revolutionized the automatic motion sensing wall switch by ditching traditional low-cost IR sensors in favor of highly accurate laser motion detection sensors and connecting them to the rest of the home via an internet connection. Packing the same advanced motion detection technology used in the best home security systems available, and combining them with a SECURAM smart lock, door/window sensors and smart siren, security wall switches help to provide a powerful layer of burglary detection and prevention to every room.

"Motion-controlled wall switches are a convenient way to control lighting, and motion detection is a must-have component of a home security system; we saw an opportunity to combine these two things into one cost-effective and non-obtrusive product that replaces a traditional wall switch," said Steve Davidson, Director of Marketing at SECURAM. "Our new security focused, smart wall switches add an important layer of protection to our SECURAM Guard home security service. Our growing line of smart home security products provides customers with a complete system for DIY home monitoring and smart home control."

Customizable Automated Security

With the SECURAM Guard mobile app, customers can set up, configure, customize and control their smart security switches. The app also allows users to group other SECURAM security devices together to create scenes. For example, users can program lights to come on when a SECURAM EOS door lock is unlocked and turn off when locked. SECURAM switches also feature scene on/off buttons that can be programmed to initiate scenes without using the app. For example, when the scene button on the switch is pressed, it can turn off multiple lights and lock all doors of the home.

Fine Tune Your Lighting

SECURAM didn't stop with simple on/off and dimming, their switches can be fine-tuned to deliver the perfect lighting experience. Users can select the type of bulbs used for switched lighting, and with fade on/off control, users can program the switches to slowly turn lights on and off.

SECURAM plans to launch the product on 2/1/2023 at and on The Wi-Fi security light switches seamlessly work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For more information about SECURAM and its vast line of security solutions, please visit, and connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Since 1991, SECURAM has been a leading innovator of security solutions for home and commercial use. Early in its history, SECURAM was one of the first to have developed contactless access control door lock and safe/vault lock systems. As the smart home movement started introducing various IOT devices for the home, safe owners began looking for ways to connect their safes. SECURAM developed one of the first connected safe lock systems that could be managed and controlled from a smartphone app, and that technology grew and introduced the modern smart door lock.

As the smart home movement started with the introduction of various IOT devices for the home, safe owners began looking for ways to connect their safes also. SECURAM took on the challenge and developed Guard Home Security System that could manage and control SECURAM products from the Guard app. Today, SECURAM has a broad array of highly secure smart devices for the connected home. From biometric smart locks for your front door, to perimeter security sensors, and laser motion light switches, SECURAM can be trusted to keep guard over your family and home.