WeBranding Debuts AI-Powered Digital Marketing Platform for Global Brands at CES 2023 Las Vegas

WeBranding Global announced today the company's newest version of Adtarg, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered marketing platform, will debut at the Consumer Technology Association's CES 2023. With millions generated in seed funding this year, the company's industry-leading Customer Insight System (CIS) now includes Market Listening System (MLS) and Voice of the Customer (VoC), designed to improve customer experiences and enhance e-commerce marketing strategies for global brands.



Adtarg is a revolutionary SaaS platform powered by AI that is helping companies accelerate growth and compete in the global tech ecosystem. It captures and analyzes big data, provides curated customer insights, and accelerates innovation in customer engagement products and services designed to strengthen brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

WeBranding Global's innovative digital marketing tool is designed for global brands and supports digital transformation, while improving data-driven decision making to enhance brand strategy and customer lifecycle management. Companies use Adtarg to uncover powerful data insights, strengthen brand loyalty, enhance product marketing results, and engage customers across global markets and digital platforms.

The platform's 3-in-1 system not only improve social media monitoring in real time, tracking brand mentions and delivering competitor analysis for a more comprehensive view of the digital marketplace, but increases customer engagement with data-driven user profiles that improve marketing strategy. With Adtarg (AI)-powered marketing platform, brands can also improve data collection and analysis across e-commerce platforms, from Amazon to Walmart, to better manage customer feedback.

"Adtarg uses the latest AI-powered digital marketing and data analytics technologies to help brands stand out in the marketplace and solve the problems that come from serving customers around the world, across different cultures, time zones, and borders," said Rebecca Ding, founder and CEO, WeBranding Global. "WeBranding Global is helping companies build stronger, more personal relationships with customers across e-commerce platforms and improving product satisfaction and customer retention success. Adtarg helps businesses grow with the power of data, creating more unified experiences people love."

Adtarg allows companies to better track and respond to customer patterns and insights across digital channels. Backed by machine learning and big data analytics, the SaaS digital marketing platform delivers customized, real-time customer expectation, experience, preference, and aversion data. With more customer-driven marketing plans, companies are improving brand development and shopping experiences online. Trusted by the world's valuable brands, Adtarg delivers real-time data insights, driven innovation, identifies gaps in the market and helps companies influence customer behaviors and strengthen brand loyalty across channels.

CES 2023 visitors can experience the hands-on Adtarg exhibit and receive a free brand consultation at WeBranding Global's booth #9272 at the LVCC North Hall, from January 5-8, 2023. WeBranding Global will showcase leading technology companies from around the world who use Adtarg to build responsive, personal brand experiences online.

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